Why Direct Mail?

Direct Mail Works!

With so many options to include in your marketing mix, why would you consider an old-school medium like direct mail? Because it works.

We don’t just go online these days… we live online.  But that’s just it. We spend so much time in front of screens.  We use spam filters, we delete promotional emails, we hit “Skip Ad” without a thought; making it a challenge for advertisers to get our attention through digital means.

A balanced marketing mix and blending high-tech with traditional media is a strategy that’s more important now than ever to reach your target audience.

Interested in reaching homeowners with the service you offer?

Need to target a specific radius for an event?

Are women with children your target market?

Want to offer a coupon for online ordering?

Your message.  Your market.  Direct Mail.

Direct Mail Gets in the Door

The USPS reports 98% of us bring our mail in the day it’s delivered, and 77% of us sift through it immediately. Even if we don’t spend much time with it, we’ve looked at it, touched it, and have made a decision about what to do with the information. This creates familiarity, opening the door for other forms of advertising to resonate.

Direct Mail Hangs Around

A direct mail piece has a longer ‘shelf life’ than an online or email ad. A postcard may be seen by multiple household members, a catalog or publication is likely to hang around even longer. The chances of your message getting through to your audience is higher with direct mail, simply because it tends to linger longer.

Direct Mail is Flexible

Your direct mail campaign can introduce your company, products & services, promote an event or short term promotion. It’s your message, include what you want. With online media, your message must be extremely brief, and with email your message often doesn’t penetrate past the subject line.

It Gets to the Right People

Successful marketing campaigns hinge on the ability to reach your target market. direct You can mail to your own personal list, or purchase a list by selecting a geographic target, demographic group, or specific consumer crowd. You can personalize your message, making it even more effective.

Boosts Other Media & Sales

Direct mail plays well with other media. The Direct Marketing Association reports that the use of two marketing channels increases customer value up to 60%. The USPS reports that catalog recipients account for 22% of web traffic and make 15% more purchases than those who do not receive catalogs. Direct your target market to your website, Facebook and other marketing channels, ultimately converting your targets into paying customers.

Don't take our word for it!

Read some real-life testimonials from just a few of our many satisfied customers!

Laura Warfel
Director of Marketing and Recruitment, Zion Lutheran School
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The design for our ad in the Quality Living publication is fantastic! Our enrollment is setting new records. We are thankful for Amy Smith and her expertise in getting the word out to the right people, at the right time in our local communities.
Karen Edwards
Owner, King Air Conditioning & Heating
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Love advertising with Amy! She truly cares about her work and helping you grow your business. We advertise with Quality Living and The Social. Both ads are great and our phones start ringing immediately after they hit the mailbox
Debbie Frakes
Marketing Manager, SSP
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We have participated in both publications distributed by RiverBank Marketing: Quality Living & TheSOCiAL. Both are beautiful, FIRST CLASS publications and have proven to promote our agency to the fullest.
Paula Jameson
Manager, Clifton Terrace Inn
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Amy Smith has been beyond supportive in our quest to grow our business, always going out of the way to do what's best for her own community’s small businesses. We couldn't ask for better customer service than Riverbank Marketing and TheSOCiAL has helped us invite new customers to CTI!
Jay Lindley
Owner, Morse Home Improvement
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We have not had this kind of response from any other advertising! Exposure in Quality Living works for us! Amy truly cares about the businesses she has partnered with, and her customer service is top notch!
Linda Petterson
Safefood Specialist, Owner
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My direct mail postcard was impressively designed and proved effective for my business. This exposure landed a Food Safety Class client with multiple IL Locations. Well worth the investment. That’s a winner.

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